Mens Clothing Accessories – Joey In Friends “Man bag”

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Ever since Joey in Friends’ “man bag”, mens clothing accessories have become somewhat of a curious subject. There is fine line between the cool and the ridiculous, especially when it comes to mens bags.

I loved that Friends’ episode – Joey thought he was so cool but everyone else thought differently. That was in the early years of Friends, and yet funnily enough, the mens clothing accessories theme has almost come full circle, because these days i see many men with what the Friends’ characters would call “man bags”, but they actually look rather cool these days. Perhaps Friends was making a point, even then, about how men should be able to try and express themselves with bags etc, and it wasn’t to be regarded as a crazy idea. Think about it: it was Rachel who suggested the bag from Bloomingdales and thought it suited Joey, showing that if top department stores are buying into the mens clothing accessories, then all men should give it a go.

So what have we got today as far as “man bags” go? Well, it is a very common sight these days to see top executive businessmen going into work with a man bag.

I found this gorgeous Dior Homme man bag that came out a few years ago – how lush?! Perfect for that extra stylish male wanting to splash some cash on a fine piece of designerwear.

Dior Man Bag
Dior Man Bag



If you can’t get this bag anymore, always keep your eyes peeled on eBay, but please, please only buy AUTHENTIC items. Check the seller’s history and my tip is always try and buy an item that comes with its proof of purchase. Buying mens clothing accessories is just as important as buying womens clothing accessories; there are still many fakes around and i do not advocate the counterfeit goods.

If Dior is just a little out of your price range, check my blogroll for some great mens clothing accessories links. And remember, the man bag is even appearing in high street stores, so it must be cool, right?

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