Buy A Gio Goi T-Shirt This Season

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With so many designer clothing brands available for men, it can sometimes feel like you are spoilt for choice! However, I like to keep my ear to the ground about the latest brands, and this season the label to be seen in is Gio Goi. A Gio Goi t-shirt can transform an outfit, and here I’m going to tell you how to make Gio Goi work with your current wardrobe:

If you mostly wear casual items, then Gio Goi is perfect for you. Team a winter white Gio Goi t-shirt with dark stonewashed jeans and head for town. The classic combination of white and blue is the perfect colour combo for Summer. A Gio Goi white t-shirt will look great with casual combat trousers too – there is a huge range of casual Gio Goi clothing to choose from. My top tip is this Gio Goi t-shirt below:


Lush Gio Goi T-Shirt

Lush Gio Goi T-Shirt

Howeverm, if you need a piece of Gio Goi that you can wear for a night out, don’t panic. There are lots of great items in the latest Gio Goi t-shirt range that you can team with smart tailored trousers. Instead of shirts and trousers, many men are opting for designer clothing that they can team with smart outfits as well as their casual items, so that they have the crossover pieces for any time of the year and any event. For a smart look, team this Gio Goi t-shirt with your tailored trousers and make a statement.

Gio Goi Black T-Shirt

Gio Goi Black T-Shirt

If you fancy buying any of these items, you need to head on down to Reem clothing – the number one choice for Gio Goi clothing. Whether it’s Gio Goi t-shirts or trousers, there is something for everyone to buy at Reem. Kit your wardrobe out with the hottest items this season. Click here to buy now: Gio Goi

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Mens Clothing Accessories – Joey In Friends “Man bag”

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Ever since Joey in Friends’ “man bag”, mens clothing accessories have become somewhat of a curious subject. There is fine line between the cool and the ridiculous, especially when it comes to mens bags.

I loved that Friends’ episode – Joey thought he was so cool but everyone else thought differently. That was in the early years of Friends, and yet funnily enough, the mens clothing accessories theme has almost come full circle, because these days i see many men with what the Friends’ characters would call “man bags”, but they actually look rather cool these days. Perhaps Friends was making a point, even then, about how men should be able to try and express themselves with bags etc, and it wasn’t to be regarded as a crazy idea. Think about it: it was Rachel who suggested the bag from Bloomingdales and thought it suited Joey, showing that if top department stores are buying into the mens clothing accessories, then all men should give it a go.

So what have we got today as far as “man bags” go? Well, it is a very common sight these days to see top executive businessmen going into work with a man bag.

I found this gorgeous Dior Homme man bag that came out a few years ago – how lush?! Perfect for that extra stylish male wanting to splash some cash on a fine piece of designerwear.

Dior Man Bag
Dior Man Bag



If you can’t get this bag anymore, always keep your eyes peeled on eBay, but please, please only buy AUTHENTIC items. Check the seller’s history and my tip is always try and buy an item that comes with its proof of purchase. Buying mens clothing accessories is just as important as buying womens clothing accessories; there are still many fakes around and i do not advocate the counterfeit goods.

If Dior is just a little out of your price range, check my blogroll for some great mens clothing accessories links. And remember, the man bag is even appearing in high street stores, so it must be cool, right?

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Men’s Fashion – Ed Hardy Clothing

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I love Ed Hardy clothing; it epitomises everything that is super trendy and super cool. Massive in America, the Ed Hardy fashion brand has become a global phenomenon.

With striking Japanese tattoo aesthetics, Ed Hardy clothing is something to make you stand out. As a man, wearing the latest brands is important, so if you like your clothes striking, then Ed Hardy is the brand for you.

Ed Hardy clothing offers men and women the perfect choice of fashion. Typically suited to young men and women in their teens and twenties, Ed Hardy clothing is sure to attract the attention of your peers.

Check out the latest Ed Hardy fashions at

Or, check out the official Ed Hardy site at


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Fab “Man Bag” Site! Men’s Designer Messenger Bags…

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I was browsing online and i came across a couple of great websites that sell man bags. So, if you like your man bags, you’re not alone. They are becoming the popular choice for stylish trendy men that need to store books etc, whether its for Uni or College.

Check out this lush bag below:


Designer Man Bag

Designer Man Bag

Image source: themanbagcompany

I love this men’s designer messenger bag above. The leather looks buttery soft and it has a really cool logo on the front. If you are looking for style, this is a great buy, but be prepared to splash the cash if you want it, because it costs £275.

A bag like this will never go out of fashion and you know you are getting absolute top quality when you buy a man bag like this.

Man bags are definitely cool and if you are unsure about what would look best on the male frame, then you can’t go wrong with this bag. If there are any designer loving kids wanting school bags, then parents should take a mortgage out for this bag, because it will be an instant hit with school peers!

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G-Star Raw – Fabulous Men’s Fashion

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I love G-Star clothes and i think all the trendy, fashion-conscious guys should go and check it out!

G-Star have been designing clothes for nearly 20 years and the workmanship and design is reflected in the fantastic range of garments. Their clothes vary from t-shirts to jeans, all with the G-Star brand name making them designer gear to be seen in. This really is one of the best names in designer denim.

G-Star have a focus on the “raw” nature of material, and this is evident in their sister range “G-Star Raw” which offers a very edgy and uber-trendy look for men.

What i like about G-Star is their ability to set trends – they are renowned for their cutting-edge designs and fabric quality. Naturally, the prices are not cheap, but i always think you get what you pay for. If you want to be seen in some of the latest hot men’s clothes, then G-Star is where you should be looking…

If you like your men’s clothes to have something unique – an extra stitch on the pocket etc, then G-Star denim jeans offer the male fashionista exactly what they are looking for. Very quirky! Their style of jeans are quite unique to anything else.

Are you interested in having a look at G-Star? Check out their official website and wear their fashions with pride.


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Wrap Up Warm With The Best Men’s Designer Scarves!

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This Winter, wherever you are in the world, you are going to need some cosy clothes to keep warm in, and finding the right men’s scarf is crucial.

These are some of the best men’s scarves around, so feel free to browse my selection and indulge!

Option 1:
Men's Scarf
 You can buy this scarf from available from Oki-Ni and the designer name is Drakes. I must admit, i had not really heard of this name before, but upon seeing what they design, i am thoroughly impressed. This 100% cashmere scarf screams luxury and will definitely keep you warm this winter. The grey plaid design is traditional yet very on trend and this would look great even for an evening out, with a stylish silver/grey blazer and jeans. Work this look with your casual knitwear and winter boots. It costs £139.

Option 2:

Image source: Milan Clothing

Men's Scarf

Men's Scarf


This scarf is by Yohji Yamamoto and is also pure cashmere. The Japanese style of this scarf is quite unique and will look striking on any man. It’s not available to buy yet, but check back at regularly to find out when you can buy it! A stunning scarf – prices at £120, with FREE next day delivery!


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Designer Mens Brands: Focus On Burberry

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I wanted to write a few posts on designer mens brands, since mens designer fashion often gets overlooked. There are, however, many guys out there who love to be wearing the latest couture, so here’s my guide to finding the best designer mens brands.

One of the hottest, quintessentially British designer mens brands is Burberry. I like what it is about and i like the history it has. Burberry is very stylish, expensive and suited to the trendy male. Burberry is considered the epitome of British style and i think it still holds this title. However, let us not forget a few years back when Burberry really did end up being ultra “chav” thanks to fashion faux pas’ such as Michael Carroll with his Burberry attire- the lotto lout that won £9 million and then blew it all. You can read more about him HERE

The Burberry brand turned itself around and a few years back, the new creative designer made the decision to reduce the repeated use of the Burberry check, in order to try and distance itself from the “chav” associations.

With Kate Moss still at Burberry’s helm, there is no end to the rise of this designer brand, and when it comes to mens classic fashion, you really can’t get any better than this. Check out the Burberry website for yourself at


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